No you Don't need a Droid FREE cell phone

Really, what a great deal - but no, I don't think you need a Droid cell phone.

No, even if it is a FREE cell phone.....

Yep, that was my opinion - not that it mattered much. Why, Because she [ my wife ] went out and got herself a Droid cell phone. Great it’s a free cell phone at this website - Verizon Wireless Android Sale.

verizon android sale free cell phoneI personally believe that 99 percent of the people who own any kind of "smart" cell phone - do not really need it. In fact most of these people do nothing with these smart phones other than use them as toys. The funny thing is that I watch people with their cell phone, I have two co-workers who have smart phones and they basically use it as a toy at work. They don’t do anything productive at work with their cell phone, they just watch videos, play games and spend their time on facebook. Wow, I remember how smart phones were originally sold as tools for business people so they can stay connected with their business. Today staying connected means keeping up with your facebook and twitter accounts.

I know, everyone loves these cell phones - they can't live without thier smart phone. Oh my we all have to have them. Why? Because your friends have one? Because it’s cool? And do you really need to be online that much? Really, I ask you - do you really need to know what is happening on facebook every minute of the day?

But back to my wife and her FREE Droid cell phone.

free cell phone
I explained to my wife that all she was doing was getting into a new debt to pay just so she can have this nice status symbol called Droid. She works in and office and has access to a computer [ the internet ] and a phone all day long. She has no need to stay in contact with anyone after work and other than making calls - she never had a need to check her facebook account or the likewise - so why get a Droid cell phone? Why get a 2 yr contract, a high cell phone bill - when I know that she will either not use the phone to it’s full potential in a productive way and if she uses it, it will only be to play online.

The sad thing is, I am the villain, I am wrong for saying that she doesn’t need it. I am old fashion simply because I am being practical. What she doesn’t realize is - that I sell "cell phones" for a living. I see people all day, everyday, who come to my store looking to buy a Droid cell phone - and 90 % of these people only want it because they think everyone else is getting one. I also see more than half of them complain about how expensive it is to own these Droid smart phones.

Now don’t get me wrong - if you can afford it fine. If you really need it [ meaning that you do work as in business with it ] then fine. But if not why get it? Well, in my wife’s case - because it was a FREE cell phone.

It's two days later and my wife is still setting up her free Driod smart phone.
I called her yesterday from work at her office - called her cell phone that is. No one answered - so I left a message.
After waiting 30 minutes I sent her a text message. No response.
I called her on her office line and she picked up. I asked her why she didn't respond to my call and text message on her cell phone - her response: "Oh, I have my cellphone in my purse let me go turn it on." ??????

When I got home late that night my duaghter told me that Mom, my wife, had spent almost two hours playing with her phone.

Update 2 on free cell phone
free smart phoneOk, to be fair [ becuase my wife says I am picking on her ]. The free cell phone [ droid ] she got did come in handy this weekend. I have to say - the free gps that google provides is great. Especially the beta step by step voice direction navigation system. When I sell the phone I always set it up for customers - but this was the only time I could see it in real action. I think it works great.
With other verizon cell phones the gps cost $9.99 a month. So there is one perk.

But like I said before: if you can afford the monthly cost of a smartphone plan and actually use all the functions of a smart phone - fine. But if you don't, even a free cell phone doesn't justify an expensive monthly bill.



Unknown said…
hey! you are right. I have an old Rumor 2 and it has a camera on it and some other bells and whistles (although it is not a smart phone) and I really don't need them. The only thing I use that is a perk is the email funtion that allows me to download my gmail account.

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