How do you know your getting old?

How do you know your getting old?

Here is a good question: How do you know your getting old?

I have been noticing that beside the fact that my age is showing - you know, grey hair, wrinkles, tiring easily and the hair thing….. I have also notice the not so subtle things that scream “old” to those around me.

Take for instance:

funny old age jokes
1- A new fashion craze seems oddly similar to an old fashion when you were a kid.

2- You like new hip music because unknowing to you it sampled an old favorite song of yours.

3- New tv shows, movies and so forth annoys you because it doesn’t do justice to the original series.

4- When you try to help your kids with their homework you find out that “NO” you are not smarter than a fifth grader.

I guess the biggest clue I had in realizing how age is creeping up on me is this one obvious clue -

I was sitting at work, I got up and realized I had some how sprained my ankle. I figure I’d walk it off - not good. I figured that I would bounce back and tomorrow I would be back to normal, my old self…. I woke up the next day and I found I could not walk. As I sit here missing work hoping that my ankle gets better if I just stay off of it for a while, I realized this one thing: Old age sucks!


Unknown said…
LOL yes aging isnt easy. try to enjoy the day off from work!

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