Funny short joke Heaven or Hell? Politically incorrect

Funny short joke - Heaven or Hell? It may be politically incorrect but it is funny. We have a funny wierd sense of doing the stupidest thing simply becuase our leaders, elders, mentors and the like - told us too.

funny short jokes
My father in law told me about how one day he walked into a chinesse resturant and he asked for a meal and then asked how large was the dish [ he didn't want to over eat ] and the owner came running from the back complaining that the dish was fine and told him to sit down. Without thinking he just simply followed the guys instructions without a second thought. Then after a few minutes he realized what happened and he was upset with himself becuase he just followed the guys orders without thinking. He was disgusted with himself that he let the guy tell him what to do and he quitely took it. He said "I am the customer and I let him tell me what to do..?"

I have to admit, I've been there before.... I find myself wondering "Why did I blindly follow what I was told to do?" But then again, I am married......LOL


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