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Uninvited Guest ..... What !!!

Day 4 of Summer

I came home to find an uninvited guest. or atleast not invited by me. This guest was smelly, sad looking and of the four legged variety. Yes a dog.

My daughter and wife consented to babysit a friends little pooch and now I have four children to take care of, the son, my daughter, the dog and my wife.....
It's funny because this dog looks more like a rodent than he [ i think it's a he ] he does as a dog. I ofcourse put my foot down, almost stepping on the small china doll like dog.

I told the family ... well, I swore that I was not going to walk it, bath it, feed it, care for it or worry about. That they would have to watch this "thing" and make sure it wasn't going to break, chew, piss or poop on anything in the house. And they said fine - not like I could kick the dog out, my friends would not like me much - it's just that I didn't get to vote. And since they underhandedly sneaked the dog into my [ our ] house with out my consent - I didn't want to have anything to do with this doll - I mean dog.

Though it was funny watching my son run in fear from a dog he could hold in one hand. Oh, and my daughter acts like the Dog is suppose to listen to her [ that will teach her when she doesn't listen to my calls ]. My wife, oh, trust me she will gets hers. And not by my hands - I know this cute little innocent dog is going to mess up, cause some pain, trouble or break something [ hopefully nothing that is mine ] and when she starts to complain "I Told You so" will be ready and waiting. Ha, Ha....

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