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Universal Studios Florida - 2 day pass

Universal Studios Florida - 2 day pass

You know, it has always been my experience that all these theme parks - including universal studios, are fun to go to but expensive as hell. That's why I guess I like going back for the free second day. Yes I know that it's not really free. You still have to pay for the parking and eating at the park is expensive as well. But it offers you something special.

I don't know about you but when I visit universal studios or for that matter Walt Disney world or any theme park - I am always pressed for time. I spend most of my time rushing to get to the next ride because I feel the need to ride all the rides so I can have a sense of - "getting my monies worth". Funny thing is you rush to get to the next line only to wait 45 to 50 minutes on the line into the ride....

universal studios snoopy
That's why I love the second day free opportunity. I go on all the rides on the first day make as much as I can out of it - then on my second day - I go on the rides I loved the best and the rest of the time I just enjoy eating, looking at the scenery and so forth. For example - my daughter was so surprise to see how life like the back drop of the city sky line at universal looked so real. We got to enjoy the large snoopy balloons and the humongous statue of the hat in the cat. It's nice to just be able to enjoy the park.

The one thing I hate though, is when they alter the rides - take for example the JAWS ride in universal. It's a great ride - and when it first came out - the ride took a long time to get on but once you were on the ride, the guide interacted with you and the ride had a slow steady pace that at least to me made me feel like part of the story. Today - you can get on the ride pretty quickly - but the ride itself is in a rush. The guide is in a rush with his or her speech and doesn't really take the time to interact with you cause she / he is to busy looking for the next cue...

universal studios and my sonI guess all in all it all about what you make of it. Universal Studios was fun and it was even better becuase I shared it with the kids. Nothing like experiencing the world through the eyes of children. And take it from my son, universal studios is the greatest place in the world!!! Ofcourse he also says he loves brocoli.....

universal cat in the hat
universal studios theme park
universal studios sky line

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