Real Blonde Joke at The MALL

funny blonde joke
Ok, it has been awhile but this one was way to good - it is time for a real funny blonde joke. And by "REAL" I mean real. Not a joke but something that truely happened that happened to be funny and invovled a blonde. No, I can not verify her blondeness since it was sort of a bleached blonde kind of color - but she acted like a blonde.

Here we go:

I am working at the Mall for the black friday and christmas season and I am sitting in this kiosk just watching people go by. The mall is not bussy and there is not much to do, so I am just watching people to kill the time. I noticed that this one older blonde has passed by my kiosk several times. She seemed to be looking for something and she is looking at all the stores intensly. So about the fifth time around she stops to scratch her head [ thinking I guess ].

So to be helpful and to break the boredom I asked if I could help. She smiles and says - this sounds stupid but I've been trying to find linda's nail Salon. I smiled and asked her to turn around. The nail solon was right in front of her and with a big bold sign. She turns, takes a look and turns back to me and says: "Is that it?"

I just couldn't help but laugh. Yes maam, that's it. So she replieds. "I guess it's true what they say about blondes..." She thanks me and walks into the salon...

I know, a bit long but I wanted to give you the full account so you can get the full effect. It still makes me laugh.....

funny blonde joke
funny blonde joke


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