Worst Magic trick ever - but funny

Ever been at work and been so bored that you started looking for anything online to pass the time? Wait, what am I saying - that has to be 90 percent of all the work force in America.
So there I was in the Mall Kiosk, late at night and not a single sole except the mall emplyees - who were roaming from store to store talking to each other... UMmmm .. why didn't anyone of them talk to me? Well, that's a defferent story.

So back to my story.. I was bored, had no one to talk to [ darn mall employess... hate them... ] and I decided to go online. Not facebook, you need friends in order to enjoy facebook. I post a comment and I am lucky to get a response from anyone in say three to tweenty four hours. Didn't have the time to wait, that is if I even get a response. So I did a Google search for funny jokes - this is one of the ones I really liked... Enjoy.


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