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5 girls one Boy - what a perfect Storm !

5 girls one Boy - what a perfect Storm !

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My son had a blast this week end. He was the only boy in the mist of FIVE pretty girls - all screaming and laughing and running around in their pajamas!!!!!
Ofcourse my son is only five so he just enjoyed the attention from all the girls and has no clue to what a peculiar situation he is in.

Yet that didn’t stop him from acting like a little five year old - because my son is “Sponge Bob” a nick name the girls dubbed him - because he soaks up all the information [ gossip ] being told by the giddy girls hopped up on candy and he shares it with everyone.

Like the fact that a boy ask my daughter out ??
Or that Jonesha likes a boy called Jeffery !
Or the conversation I had to run from in the kitchen, when they all started talking about who had the biggest butt ???? Excuse me - Man here - I don’t need to hear this..

children fun activities
children fun activities
children fun activities

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