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What do 5 five girls do alone in the dark?

What do 5 five girls do alone in the dark?

Oh God help us all...
What do five girls do when left alone to their own devices…. Well, of course the do the usual stuff:

* they eat all the food they can find.
* They eat all the candy they can scrounge up.
* they giggle, scream and make the weirdest noise I’ve ever heard.
* they find it funny to slap, kick and hit each other……. Weird
* Run in fear from one small Bee - oh brother…

There is so much more but like all women - the most they do is talk a lot!
I’ve learn so much about my daughter and her friends in one short conversation than I’ve learned in the last three weeks. It’s surprising how girls act a lot like boys. They seem to lose all petite self-conscious control and act like slobs, eat like rabid animals and do not find it odd to be talking about things I [ a man ] do not want to hear about.

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