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Five Girls, sleep over - Sad DAD

Five Girls, sleep over - Sad DAD

What do you do when you know Five girls are going to spend the night over at your house. Do you clean up? Do you Prepare for the mess? Run and Hide - NO!

You make sure they spend as much time outside the house as possible.
That’s right - outside girls. Play in the pool, play on the wet and slid. In fact - let me put up the tent and you guys go sleep out side - thank you….

We were just trying to help the girls have one last Hurrah because they weren’t going to be able to see each other this summer. My daughters is spending the summer in NY with her Aunt and Grandparents. My daughters friend Katline [ if spelled it right ] is going to Georgia for the summer - so the group is all torn up. So my wife allowed a big all out last ditch slumber party. Great - pre-teen screaming girls taking over my house.

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Five Girls, sleep over - Sad DAD : children fun stuff
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1 comment:

karron said...

As the mom of Kaitlin (no you didn't spell it right but that's ok) I am thankful that Kaitlin has such a good friend as Kiki and such a wqrm and welcome home to go and stay overnight(s). She will bu truly missed by Kaitlin this summer but I am sure the text messsage line from NY to S.Carolina will be busy. Thanks for all you do.

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