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The Pack mentality of Five sleep over Girls

The Pack mentality of Five sleep over Girls

Ok, summer is almost here.
It’s bad enough I’m torn up inside because my little girls is going away for the summer. She’s spending it in NY with the Aunt and Grandparents. It’s sort of the last chance she has to experience the Big city [ you know where Mom and Dad grew up]. It may be the last summer she’ll be able to go since Granddad is retiring and moving to Florida.

So what does my wife agree to - one last opportunity for my daughter and four of her friends to have a big blow out slumber party- great….

First - I don’t want to share my daughters last weekend with others [ especially four screaming girls ].

Second - How am I going to escape the giggling, screaming, wacky antics of five pre-teen girls running around my house. I have trouble dealing just with the two women who live in my house - but now I’ll have five tweens and one adult women [ who will probably re-live her childhood fantasies through these girls ]

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Anonymous said...

Well, preteen girls absolutely love scary movies. That would be a good way to keep them busy. Pop some popcorn, maybe make smores. I'm sure your wife will help with the makeover time that will be alloted. Not quite sure if you allow your daughter to get on the internet much, but the computer seems to suck up ones time as well.

Anonymous said...

I can see how being a parent would welcome alone time! Oh, how I am glad to be without kids, kickin' at 20 years old.

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