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Silly kids - "Dad little Girl - Dancing" ??

Silly Kids - Dad little Girl - Dancing ???

That’s right - what do five girls do when hocked up on candy and they hear music?
Dance of course! Silly kids ....
This was so funny and so cool. Even my five year old son got into the dance craze. Who would think that Dancing would be fun activities for children. Well - of course it is - I had fun just laughing my guts out as they danced.

Silly KidsYou have to watch the Silly Kids video below

Who would have thought that the Song Rocky made famous - eye of the tiger - would be so funny [ that is, as you watch these girls dance to it ]. The girls had so much fun , I was very glad they did too. Cause soon school would be over in three days and all of them would be off in separate directions.
My [ me dad ] little girl is going off to New York for the whole summer. Most of her friends are going away as well - Now I just wont miss my own little girl but all of them. My daughters Friend Kaytlin is like part of the family [ or furniture ] she’s been over to the house almost every week end. I’m going to be heart broken - I guess I can watch this video for a good laugh.

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