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New Age Ninja tactics - run & hide ???

Nov. 9 - A Japanese designer has come up with a novel way to address personal safety in the face of street crime - use urban camouflage.
Aya Tsukioka's Coke-machine dress allows the wearer to quickly change appearance to that of a vending machine - blending into the urban landscape.
As a female designer, she had been contemplating how to make clothes that also protect women.

Toshi Maeda reports.
**** I can only say this.... Couldn't a criminal use the same tactic?
And did I hear him correctly - that most Japanese just run when scared?
And dang, I thought america was litered with ads and vending machines - .......


Jerkulez said...

Hands down. japs are the crasiest ppl on this planet and maybe in the universe, but u can't help but love 'em

This persuming that u have the time to outrun the aatacker or stalker and change without him seeing u do this :) (wait there is no point to all this if u did outrun them!)

Sue said...

It almost looks real, except for the wrinkles, the feet at the bottom and the hands holding it up.
But other than that I would love to wear the same skirt every day, day after day. I could make some extra money and cut a slit where the money is suppose to go, have it go directly into my purse. ;)

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