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Ok so it's NOT WALT DISNEY WORLD -but it's Fair ???

Ok, it's not Walt Disney World - but it's the Fair ?

Yep, the county fair - it's not the big fancy walt disney or magic Kingdom kind of outing I want to go to - but the kids wanted to go to the fair. The fair, the Carney, the traveling Gypsies - or Circus [ what ever ]. walt disney worldAll I know is they bugged me and bugged me that I just had to go. My duaghter already made plans to meet her friends there. My wife insisted we meet her friend there [ Hey Betsy - hope you had fun ] - heck if it wasn't already expensive enough - my kids wanted to invite another friend and have me pay [ What do I look like - don't answer that ].

But I do have to say I had a blast. Between my sons excitement and scare the park was worth the over price $17 dollar wrist band to go on the rides and I wont mention the fact that I and our friends son got sort of addicted to one of those carnival chance games. All so we could we could win a toy gun for my son - too bad it turn out to be a cigeret lighter ...... cheap disney tickets

The funniest thing was the Rides - now we go every year and the rides are pretty much the same - but for some reason my son was just terrified of all the rides. Maybe it was becuase he was actually riding alone this year and not with protective dear old dad. But what ever the case he was frighten - but that didn't stop me from pushing my crying son on to those park rides [ I paid alot of money bud - your getting on the rides, I don't care if you do get emotionally scard for life ... LOL ]. My biggest luagh was when my 5 year old was getting on this small roller coaster ride and he is asking the ride attendee if it goes fast. This guy was mexican and I don't think he spoke a lick of english. Here is my timid son who doesn't like speaking to strangers asking him repeatedly - "do this ride go fast?" and this man is staring at him with a blank confused expression.

If you go to any fair, I have one suggestion - the animal section [ the 4 H club thing ] where you go to see the animals - SKIP IT. Man the smell was terrible and of course Besty had to point out a nice pile of "DoDo" out to me - wanted to know if I would put that on my blog.... Boy was I glad to get out of there. Like I said it wasn't Walt Disney world and Magic Kingdom but when your hanging out with family and friends - it's not hard to have a good time. I know I luaghed - especially when my friend got stuck holding a purse, and some stuff dolls [ hope you don't mind having the world see your feminine side bud cuase I took a picture ].

family park walt disney fun at disney funny images park rides This is why you should leave your money at home - video shows how easy it can be to get addicted to a silly game all in the attempt to win my son a prize - I need more cash !!!

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