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Obama, Kindergartin, sex - what the hell?

Is Obama a retard. Do I look stupid.
Why in God's green earth would you want to teach my kindergartin son or duaghter [ age 5 ] about sex - or approve legislation that would approve teaching sex education to a 5 year old.

" The Obama campaign has complained especially about an ad that declares Obama supports sex education for kindergartners. He supported legislation that would teach age-appropriate sex education to kindergartners, including information on rejecting advances by sexual predators."

Today on the presidential campaign trail
Monday, September 15, 2008 5:43 AM EDT
The Associated Press
By The Associated Press

Look, I don't care how you slice it, dress it up or paint it. I don't need the government getting involved in when is the right time to teach my five year old about sex. I don't care if your saying your using it as a tool to fight against perverts - why don't you do something about the laws that lets those perverts get away with molesting our children. Why not pass laws and enforce laws that locks perverts up and doesn't let them get out of jail after a year or two. Why not do something about how convicted perverts roam free and the system has a hard time tracking them....

Why not do something about that...

Oh poor baby, you say McCain is unfairly accusing you. It sounds like he is right to me. What kind of moron thinks that you can teach "age appropriate" sex education to a five year old. What moron doesn't understand that this will only open the door for more. Hell, our teachers have enough trouble trying to keep up with all the stupid government rules now - why not add a super sensitive issue into the class room. Hey, how the hell you expect to teach a five year old "age appropriate" sex ed - give them half the info they need - or spend millions in government dollars to tell kids what we already tell them - if some one touches you there - scream, fight, run.... is America this dumb...

Forgive the rant, but this is moronic.


maydmjr said...

Obviously someone didn't read into this story and believed the fictional negative, nasty ads being put out there by the McCain/Palin campaign. Reading this post again makes me believe the old saying of "Throwing something out there and hoping it sticks."

This was actually one of the ads Karl Rove was talking about and John McCain was confronted on while on "The View".

Obama supported "age appropriate" sex-education for children as a means of teaching them what was proper or inproper touching, as well as to protect them against pedophiles. NOT SEX ED TO KINDERGARTNERS.

This is the kind of junk being put out there to get your mind off the issues. No Economic plan, Continuing the War in Iraq, No Educational Assistance for Veterans when they get back, Abortion. His advanced age and fitness and tied to that, A rushed VP choice that was not vetted properly and has no experience. All unpopular issues that he doesn't want to get into.

This is about as low as it gets...have to wonder about what else he would put out there to get elected

On a"Black Monday" for the economy can't believe we are getting bogged down on this.

Anonymous said...

Put the economy aside and all the nonsense - legislation is legislation. And if you read the entire blog you find that the author wrote something very interesting - "why do we need government to teach our kids something we already do'. Obama and the post above says that the "age appropriate" sex ed is for protecting our children... teach them appropriate and inappropriate touch... Didn't you read the post, wouldn't it be better to create laws that jail and keep perves jailed. Didn't you read the post about having laws and supporting systems to track perves when they roam free thru or country. You mean to say that spending millions and over burdening our school system with a delicate issue as "sex" be it age appropriate [ as you say ] is better than dealing with the real issue? .... As a parent - It's my job to teach my child - as the government, it's thier job to keep criminals locked up and us safe.

But what your telling me - the democrats are putting the burden on liitle kids to protect themselves from vile vermin who should be LOCKED UP......

I’m sorry Maydmjr - I disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment.
Did you see Oprah on Monday? Do you realize what the pedifiles do and the information they have on the internet?
Do you realize how many of these pervs are out there, everytime you go into public you're sure to cross paths with at least one man/woman that has had their hands in child porn or molestation.
What's the answer? Lock them up- put them in jail - and then send them to a psych ward for treatment because there is something very wrong in the head of these individuals.
It's a very sick world out there amongst child molesters and they are EVERYWHERE. Why do they continue? Why is the trend spreading like wildfire??
Because the punishment for the crime isn't severe enough to discourage them to risk it.
What about the gov. putting funds out there, not for sex ed in schools- get the parents involved. Children with involved parents are better off anyways.
Get more investigators on the streets and on the web to search out the homes and computers this junk is downloaded and shared on. Then arrest them and make sure it's many, many, many years before they see daylight again.
The debate isn't about sex ed in school or democrats vs. republicans-
It's about tougher laws and catching the criminals and getting their attention and making them get help so they don't return to the streets doing the same thing.

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