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Twilight Book series - what's the big whoop??

The twilight Series book saga: Ok, what's the big whoopdi doo dah???

Granted, I didn't get into the Harry Potter books until I saw the first movie - but this Twilight saga thing is - sort of blah with me. I've seen enough vampire movies to fill several hundred thousand books. heck I could probably write my own vampire book [ I didn't say it would be good ]....

I haven't seen the movie and have no interest but my duaghter is hooked on this book series. I guess it's good she's reading - reading books that I might add are way thicker than most books I read when I was eleven. But now she has my wife hooked on reading these "twilight " books... In fact my duaghter, my wife and a friend all made a day of it when they went to see the movie. They all came back all giddy and stuff. You would think it was a star wars movie or something....

twilight dawnSo, since she is a big fan - I wanted her to give you some words on why she loves this twilight saga book series and below you'll find some links to purchase said twilight books if your interested.

Kiki's Reason why she loves the Twilight saga books:

I like the Twilight series becuase it's very exciting. It's funny and I love the characters. The twilight series is great becuase it is suspenseful, especially the first book. I also love the twilight series becuase it is a fantasy love story. I also like that it is the kind of book any one can read and love. Plus at least to me "it's not boring AT ALL".

There you have it people - kiki's reason why you should read, love and buy the Twilight series book saga. Eat your heart out critics.... Well I did say short and not a long winded critic of the books or in depth analysis of the characters.
If your interested in learning more or getting one of these "Twilight" books follow the links below.

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)
New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)
Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)
Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Twilight may be a good read - who knows I personally haven't sat down to read any of the books. But I may if I give it a try ... Naw, seems to much of a mushy love story, nothing like Star wars....


Christine Sandoval said...

Tell Kiki I know how she feels .It made me laugh and cry . I read all four books .I think the 3rd and 4th books where the best . The first and secound was kind of slow for me but i read it. If u like vampires book u like if not dont read it . I know stephanie read the books to and saw the movie .I havnt seen it yet. I see us girls got something in comment.

Madeline said...

we know all about these books we read All 3 of them and we loved it and stephanie saw the movie with her girlfriends when it first came out.
i loved the book better

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