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children, computer virus and crash.....

Children and computer virus – didn’t you listen!?!

I am at work during my slow period of the day, writing this blog as a way of venting my frustration.

I like most parents have virus protection, parental guide on my computer and warn my kid all the time. I don not let her search the net nilly willy with no supervision – but – yes [ but means forget what I just said…] my wife has other methods.

Now I am not saying that my daughter goes online to sites that are inappropriate – but they do not realize that viruses can be found anywhere online. Apparently when I got home my computer was fried – some virus had infected it. How did I now, because my daughter asked me to help her turn off the computer because there was some pop up stopping her ???? How did I know It was infected – because I had several porno links with images on my desk top!

When I asked what she [ my daughter ] had done…. “me, nothing, I didn’t do anything..”

children protection onlineIt took about an twenty minutes for her to confess that she was downloading photos from facebook and searching Google for pictures. How many times do I have to tell these people not to do that – never, ever download pics from the internet, You can copy them but never download them. She accidentally downloaded the virus and accepted something online because my avg virus protection was removed [ that is the components to it ].

So here I am at work, after spending hours trying to fix my computer last night, trying to find away to fix my computer. Sure, I could take it to a computer shop and pay $100 plus dollars to get it fixed. I could even do like my wife suggest and buy a new computer, mines is four years old – but it’s the principal. I said not to do that, but no, they never listen and this time they really got burned. I should let them suffer without a computer for a month or so.

Ofcourse I don’t know if I could live without a computer for a month???

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