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Did “Internet” really change the world?

Did the “Internet” really change the world?

I remember when I first realize the potential of the internet - it turns out that I was totally wrong.
It’s amazing, the internet was suppose to change the world. People were talking about how we would live in a better world because the internet would allow us to be a paperless society - save the planet. Or it would make the sharing of information faster so education would grow…. Not.

In the end, the internet brought out one thing - the worst in us.

What brought this all on. I was here at home on my day off. I figure I would take some time to be productive. You know get something’s done. Soon I found myself in front of my laptop - you know to do some bill paying, banking, investing, something productive… nope.

I pulled my eyes away from my laptop screen long enough for slowly focus my eyes to check what time it was… can you believe I spent four [ 4 ] hours online. Want to know what I did….? Nothing productive I can tell you that much. The highlight of my time online was this:

Funny isn’t it. Made me laugh.

But I guess now that I’ve spent another thirty minutes playing on my blog I will buckle down and do some productive work online…. I hope.

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