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How to be Saving Money on Gas at the Pump

How to "Save money on Gas" at the Pump

The question is: How to save money on gas? Why, because it is getting expensive. When I first moved to Florida people were complaining about paying $1.25 dollars per gallon - today the news was reporting that we may be looking at paying $.50 dollars and even possible upto $5 dollars a gallon for gas at the pump. It makes me sick.

Now I know what you’re saying - "I don't need tips on how to conserve gas, I need to save money on gas". Your right - but with that said: first you should learn a few tips on how to conserve gasoline and to control consumption. After all, even if you paid less for gas, using more only means you are still wasting money because of misuse and mismanagement.

So you will find a few tips on how to conserve gas in order to save money on gas in oder to control your cost. You will find 8 basic good tips at the end of this article.

Saving money on gas at the Pump

saving money on gasSo, my goal has been to save gas at the pump - yes I've heard people say they save money by comparing prices at different gas stations - great tip, but I want more. I wanted to actually save money by paying less at the pump - and I found it.

This is not a joke or a scam - saving money at the pump. How? I go shopping....

Yes I was trying to be funny but that is how I am saving money on gas at the pump. No tricks - I just took advantage of the offer they were offering. I you have a winn-dixie next to you - you have probably already know, if not, find a winn-dixie.

I love winn-dixie because of the great BOGO [ Buy one get one free ] deals they offer. I drive an extra 15 miles out of my way passing other grocery stores because of the BOGO deals. But on top of that they offer you a discount for buying any winn-dixie products. But, it even gets better. They have products that promise to give members gas discounts right at the pump [ Kaching ].

For example: I got my mother hooked on buying at winn-dixie and gave her my extra membership card for her to use so she could get extra deals [ on grocery ]. So I go to my participating gasoline station [ I was already going there any way ] and swipe my winn-dixie member card and the pump tells me if I have any savings coming to me: You will save $0.50 cents per gallon up to 20 gallons.... 50 cents multiplied by 20 equals $10. I love savings.
saving money on gas
No, if your thinking this is an everyday thing and that you always save 50 cents per gallon - no, it doesn't work that way. But you have to eat, if your anything like me you have to shop for groceries every 2 weeks. If your my mother-in-law she shops almost every week. So if you add in the savings you get at the store and if you buy the products that give you that Gas saving deal - you can be saving a lot.

But if you want to only conserve gas tips:

Car maintenance
1. Keep the tires inflated properly. This one is simple and a potential lifesaver. Underinflated tires waste fuel and wear out the tire tread. Also, check tires regularly for alignment and balance.

2. A well-tuned engine burns less gas. Get regular tuneups and follow through with routine maintenance. The right parts and fresh oil keep your engine happy and less thirsty for gas.

3. Get the junk out of the trunk. A weighed-down car uses more fuel. For every extra 250 pounds your engine hauls, the car loses about one mile per gallon in fuel economy. Carry only the basic emergency equipment and items you really need.
Gas shopping

4. Buy the lowest grade (octane) of gasoline that is appropriate for your car. Check your owner's manual for this information. As long as your engine doesn't knock or ping, the fuel you're using is fine. You can save hundreds of dollars a year.

5. Drive intelligently; don't make fast starts or sudden stops. You're just overexerting your engine and burning extra fuel. Gradual acceleration also helps automatic transmissions run better. Engine-revving wastes fuel, too.

6. Lighten up on the accelerator. The faster you drive, the more gas you use. Speed limits have gone up around most of the nation, but you don't have to see your fuel consumption go up drastically as well. For example, driving at 55 mph rather than 65 mph can improve your fuel economy by two miles per gallon.

7. Avoid long warm-ups. Even on cold winter mornings, your car doesn't need more than a minute to get ready to go. Anything more and you're just burning up that expensive fuel. Or leave the car on as you run into store to "just get something quickly" [ people do, do this - ask my wife.

8. Combine errands into one trip and plan your stops for the most efficient route. You'll save yourself time and money.

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So you want to conserve gas to save money – fine.
But if you want to be saving money on gas at the pump – think winn-dixie or look for any like kind deal in your area that will help you save money on gas at the pump. Why, because saving money is best enjoyed when you used that money saved – on yourself. Stick it to the oil companies with their billions.. start saving money on gas and give yourself a perk, a gift, something special. I did. I saved $60 dollars on my groceries, saved $15 dollars on gas and then I took my sweetie to the movies that week end.
saving money on gas

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