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Glow in Dark IPHONE ??? cool...

Glow in the Dark IPHONE !!! I am not a fan of the Ipone but when I saw this man it looks cool to me.

glow in dark cellphone skin iphone SlickWraps protect all your portable electronic devices with style. It's lightweight skins come in a multitude of colors, designs, and textures, and they that it has been tested to safeguard against fingerprints, dust, scratches, and other stresses. They strive to constantly innovate their product offerings, and recently exclusively launched the iGlowPhone, which turns a plain iPhone or iPad into a glow in the dark conversation piece. Glow in the Dark iPhone

Use SlickWraps on all your electronic gadgets:
Cell Phones
(iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola)
eBook Readers (Kindle Fire)
Gaming consoles
Headphones (Monster Beats)

Made in America Plug: This products is made in the USA, and the mission is to provide supreme protection, while offering an affordable stylish solution to bulky cases.

I am going to have to check out if they have a glow in the dark wrap for my HTC Incredible 2?

Update: Dog gone freaking crap! Only have the glow skin for the Iphone what a %^&*$#@!!!!!!

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