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Funny - Barbie found in my Fridge ? could die from cold...

Funny - Barbie found in fridge.
Start of an interesting morning.

OK, who wakes up in the morning with only one thing on their mind [ need a cup of coffee now ] and is confronted with a Barbie doll in the fridge?

Apparently I am the only one to have this happen to them?

how make Barbie cake Really, I knew my wife was making a wonderful decorative birthday cake for my lovely niece, Aaliyah. The cake, this I knew. What I did not know, what I did not expect at seven in the morning after a late night TV binge, that as I opened the fridge door to get milk for my desperately much needed cup of coffee - was to find Barbie staring back at me. It was traumatic, it really was. Those cold blue eyes, glazed lifeless look and oh so creepy smile? She was in the cake, the cake was wrapped in plastic and she had her hands up like as if she was reaching for me... Disturbing.

Of course, after my initial shock, I couldn't help but laugh as I thought - Man this would make a great blog. I normally write blogs about the decorative cakes my wife makes, I know people enjoy it. My wife usually post a pic of her creations on facebook and she gets a large positive response from friends and family.

So this is what I was thinking:
Since I was surprised to find Barbie in the fridge - I figured I could track her progression, from basic to beauty, in the fridge.

After all, I love to help my wife with her creations, it gives me a chance to get the creative juices flowing. Plus she obligates me since she knows I can draw and have an eye for certain artistic things.

It's a curse.

But below you will find several photos of the creation of the Barbie princess cake.

how make Barbie cake
how make barbie cake
how make barbie cake
how make barbie cake

1 comment:

Cityencounters said...

Lovely cake--your wife is very talented. My sister-in-law also likes to make decorative cakes and cooies using fondant. I too would have been shocked to find Babrbie chillen (ha!) in my fridge!

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