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Motivate children to learn & be Successful

My new book to 'Motivate kids' to learn and be successful

I have spent the better have of my life trying to motivate my two children to do better, to be better. As a parent I guess it is natural to want your children to do more and to accomplish more in life than what you have done. Not that I am a slouch or a slave driver – I just want the best for my kids. I want them to have all the opportunities I did not, to basically enjoy the wisdom I have now and wish I had when I was a snotty thought I knew it all kid.

Lets face it people, there is something about children in general that they are naturally born with – dreams, not every day average dreams. I am talking big dreams like flying to the moon by becoming an astronaut, being super famous or super rich. The kind of dreams that border on the impossible, even dreams like learning how to fly. Ask any child this simple question: how much money you would like to have? The answer is always – a lot or I want to be rich!
help children do well in schoolThe truth is we want our children to do well in life, but most of the time we teach them very little as far finance (money), life and success. In America we are told that we are losing in the war on education, the last commercial I saw on education stated that America was rank 25th in the world when it came to education. That is sad, very sad. But the real question is “how do you motivate children to learn, to want to learn”.

So taking everything I’ve learned and done over the years with my daughter and my son; you add the tips and techniques I have accrued from working in the schools and I came up with an interesting Idea: if every child’s dream is to be rich – why not use that as a motivational tool. In order to be rich children need to want to learn, to seek knowledge. In order to be successful, they need to be thinkers, they need to make plans, be dedicated to the plan, to think with a clear level head. To become rich you need to do well in school always remembering that you have choices and your choices have consequences. Always remembering that in order to be successful you have to consider the effect of influence, it can be negative or positive depending who you connect with.

So with all these factors, I created a book that motivates children to doing what is necessary to become rich, successful and do well in school. The book is full of stories about famous people who have achieved success because they never gave up, because they strove for excellence, for more. All this is wrapped up in a simple book that can be read by a parent to a younger child or easily read by any 4th, 5th grader and up with ease. Even though the book’s title says ‘for children’ I believe that the book can be used and be beneficial to older children, pre-teen and even teenagers.

I am hoping that the book will catch on and I will try to post a small section of the book on my blog as a tease and to build interest.  I hope you and others will also help promote my book.
for Children 'how to become' Rich, Successful & do well in school


Chris said...

Finally a simple, yet comprehensive and understandable book to share with your children about business and personal finances. An easy read and jam packed with real life knowledge. A must read for anyone that wants to start their children off the right perspective. A+


Anonymous said...

This book is a GREAT book for kids to learn how to become successful. As a young teen myself I can tell you that this book is very easy to understand and gets the point across well. It didn't give me a headache like any other textbook, but kept me captivated and interested. It's a perfect guideline for doing great in school, work, or in life. Must read for teens and other adolesants! (:

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