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Would you Tattoo your face for love?

Looking at the photo below you would think that this was a cute, lovely young lady. Yeah the funny face is odd with the eyes all .... Well you know. The point being there are millions of women in the world who would die to have fare skin, blue eyes and what many would consider a pretty face.

So will someone to me the logic behind this story?

Man inks his name on girl's face the day they meet because that's love

You might think a tattoo artist who got international attention after being accused (albeit falsely) of inking 56 stars on a girl's face without her permission would be cautious about permanently marking up women. But love is stronger than logic, so that is not the case with Ruslan Toumaniantz. The Belgium-based tattoo artist is back in the spotlight after scrawling his first name across the face of his Russian girlfriend, Lesya, on the very first day they met in person, with her consent. (See the photos above.) The couple connected online and corresponded for about a month before they met. They insist the facial ink is a symbol of their enduring love. They're reportedly engaged, and Lesya has already changed her last name on Facebook. He couldn't have just given her a ring?
I couldn't understand it? I just couldn't wrap my mind around the whole thing. Who in their right mind would allow someone they just met in person to permanantly tattoo their name of all things on their face? I just don't get it.
But then it hit me. I saw a picture of them together and then I could understand - not alot, but just enough.
Taking a good long gander at him explains; to some degree why a young pretty woman would allow a man to permanently tattoo his name on her face.....
To each is own, all I am is saying is - I just don't get it.

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