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Financial literacy Hip Hop contest - Boys & Girls club

Good financial advice from young Hip Hop contest winner - this is what we should be looking for in our youth. I am pleased that this medium (hip hop) was used to try to reach the hearts and minds of our youth who need to prepare for their financial future. Like the rapper says "Money runs the world, I can't change that", But how you manage your money - that you can control.


Song by Blake McGuire Produced as Music Video by Multi-Platinum Music Producer Kevin "KHAO" Cates and Featured on First-Ever Financial Literacy-Themed Album
What happens when you couple the musical talent and creativity of today’s youth with one of the most important topics among teens? This year’s Money Matters Music Mogul (M4) Contest, presented by BGCA and Charles Schwab Foundation, generated top talent from across the country and showed teens the power of financial education and knowledge.

Congratulations to Blake McGuire, 15, of Indianapolis who was named the fan favorite and grand prize winner for his song Money All That Matters! Blake has always had a passion for music and started writing poetry at an early age. He quickly turned his passion for writing poems into raps.

Before he joined Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, Blake had a lot of time to make choices that were not the best for him. The Club turned out-of-school time into a positive and fun experience that truly turned his life around. He took the Money Matters program last year and "enjoyed every minute of it." Through the M4 contest Blake was able to combine newfound financial concepts with his love of music.

Blake’s winning song received more than 100,000 votes on from his fellow teens and was featured on the first-ever financial literacy-themed hip hop album. On his trip to Atlanta, Blake visited a swanky studio to professionally record his song with Kevin “KHAO” Cates of Bridge DA Gap and made the trip to a local Atlanta Boys & Girls Club to create his music video. The once-in-a-lifetime experience allowed Blake to travel on an airplane for the first time and live like a rockstar for a weekend. He also received a $1,000 scholarship and matching scholarship for his Club. Read more.

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