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10 yr old CEO, runs successful business

Successful Children - I love sharing stories with my children about successful children in order to motivate them to learn and to succeed.

10 yr. old CEO, Entrepreneur

Hannah Altman
Business – Selling Pencil Toppers

successful children entrepreneur
Only 10 years old (yes, you read correctly!), Hannah Altman is the founder and CEO of Hannah’s Cool World where she and her parents sell cool toys all over the world. In business since 2009, her site has sold more than 250,000 pencil toppers.

She comes from a family of entrepreneurs – her Mother Lauren Altman started Cool Zips when Hannah was only six years old. In fact, the idea to start Cool Zips was Hannah’s – a really creative and practical thinker at such a young age, one must say!

Her Dad, Rick Altman, left his full time job in 2010 when the Cool Zips business really took off. Once the family was out dining when Hannah spotted pencil toppers in a nearby vending machine and Hannah forced her Dad to buy them.

Hannah, when reaching home, asked her Dad whether such pencil toppers could be sold online and requested him to create a website.

Rick registered the domain name to set up a website and used Google’s ‘pay per click’ program to drive traffic. Within a few days, orders started pouring in.

successful children ceo business
Both her parents are simply awed by their daughter’s creative mind. Unlike other 10 year olds, a typical day for Hannah goes in attending school and then investing an hour a day online searching for cool products to sell.

While her parents take care of the logistics and business strategies, Hannah is the ‘creative head’ of her online business. She has the knack to select successful products and to this day, her choice has never been wrong.

She is a very young entrepreneur with lots of potential and she is definitely learning the ropes well at this age. She is an inspiration for those who are struggling to make money online. As we always say, if you have the creativity, try your business luck online.

10 yr old ceo successful

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