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Cool way to teach my son math with YouTube?

Math: cool way to teach my son math with YouTube?

Here is a question: what is an integer?
How do you teach a 9 yr old “fourth grade math” and more over the summer, when all he wants to do is to play video games late into the night? Let me tell you – he doesn’t make it easy.

But I did make it interesting for him: I found this interesting math tutorial on YouTube. My 9 yr old loves watching You Tube videos about MineCraft and other games – so it was a no brainer. I sit with him and I watch the videos with him and then I create questions and/or math equations that go along with what we learned in the video.
(Check one video out below)

As of today we are up to video seven where the lessons start on multiplication and division – considering we have heard everything from natural numbers, whole numbers, unit numbers and integers which to my – is a bunch of different ways of saying: numbers. But according to the videos – integer is positive and negative numbers and zero.

     Here is a question: can you answer this?

     4+(-4) = ?

......... LOL!!!

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