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Adventure in Math: multiply negative - positive numbers

How to multiply negative – positive numbers ?

Spending the summer getting my son ready for fourth grade math has been an interesting adventure in the amazing world of mathematics. I am not sure if I forgot most of the things I learned as a child or if math has changed so much over the years that I may be out of my depth.

learn math multiply negative and positive numbers fun
Re-learning or learning all this ‘Math’ as I go along has been an interesting series of events. Thank heavens the internet and YouTube are available because without these resources I would be in big, big doo doo. I’ve come to the realization that without the many math resources I have found on the internet or the good math tutorial videos I’ve found on YouTube – I would be lost.
For instance I ran into something I completely forgot…. How on earth do you multiply negative and positive numbers? Granted, it’s not something I use in everyday life – but my son will be learning this and he will be expecting me to help him with his homework.

My math is rusty – learn how to: multiplying negative - positive numbers.
This morning watching one of our MyWhyU math tutorials my son and I learned the basics of how to multiply negative and positive numbers. He was a bit freaked out about the whole thing but after watching the video for the second time he pretty much was able to grasp most of the concepts.

Personally, I find the time we spend together working on math – fun. I say that with a bit of reservation because it can be a bit stressful – kids are kids and it can sometimes be taxing on the nerves when my son plays dumb because he wants to run off and play video games.

Hint: playing video games is his reward for doing well. If he pays attention, takes some practice test – if he does well, he knows he can go off to kill aliens and all that.

learn math in fun way negative numbers
But all in all, spending time together with him is nice. As long as I remember that it’s suppose to be fun and deal with him patiently – the time spent learning math can be fun and educational to both of us. Like I said, I don’t know if I forgot what I learned in school – or if this is all knew to me to begin with. But I am walking away with a bit of knowledge of my own. And as I like to say in my book – learning should be a lifelong process.

In the weeks I’ve spent with my son – we have studied basic algebra, fractions and more. Things like commutative properties, distributive properties, the rules of how to add fractions and the rules in how to multiply negative and positive numbers.

I don’t expect him to be a math wizard – I just want him to do better in school, be prepared for all that "hard" math fourth graders like him will be facing next year. And if it means I get to spend some quality time with my son – the more the better.

Check out his work sheet on Fractions below.

fun way to learn math how to

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