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Creating video for promo? using Animoto

Creating a Video for Book Promo: using Animoto

When most people have free time they usually relax - right? No not me, I go looking for something to do or to learn.

As it goes I ran across and interesting video at my wife's job as I helped clean out the studio room of the school and so, I tried to figure out how the system worked. The video was a cool presentation about a special event that was held at the end of last year. I was so impressed with the video I took note of the company that was used to create the video:

It's an interesting way to create fun short or long videos (I mention short because if you want to use the free service you can only create 30 sec videos).

The pricing is: you can create 30 sec videos for free, 10 min. videos for $5 a month and 20 min at HD for $39 a month. It's pretty easy to use - no one should find it difficult to use.

Of course having some free time on Saturday, I took the time to figure out how to use the web site and it's features. And yes, I couldn't help but create a video about my book: For children how to become Rich Successful and do well in school.

There were a few obvious issues with the system; some of the features can only by members who pay for the $5 or $39 plans. A big problem is that you cannot easily embed the video into FaceBook like you can with YouTube. Don't get me wrong it can be done using their feature but then it brings up another issue - music rights. It appears (I did some research) that YouTube and Facebook will flag you for music license violation - which bites. I like the feature which adds music to the video, but if YouTube and Facebook will block the video from playing - what good is it.

Easy to use
All you need is a few photos and a few minutes to create a beautiful video.

Post, tweet, pin, email...
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, etc. Share where your audience is.

Licensed music (you can down load your own I believe)
2000 tracks from industry-leader Triple Scoop Music and other partners. Pro Premium gets 1000 more.

HD quality
Create unlimited videos in our highest render quality, 720p HD, suitable for most screens.

Stunning styles
Animoto Pro was created by veterans of the TV & film industries. It's not your grandma's slideshow.

Call-To-Action Button (only to paid member)
Link your video to your school or event's page to get your audience engaged or for RSVPs.

Unbranded Videos (the free plan has a Animotoe label on video player)
White-label videos give you clean, beautiful playback with no Animoto logo whatsoever

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