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Deaf group large dance hit in china - Amazing

It is amazing to me how the human will to survive, to achieve - can over come so many obstacles. I personally get upset with my children and with myself when we so easily give up on things. we stop trying because it's to hard, to difficult - in our mind - it's impossible. Yet a group of deaf dancers can perform an specialized timed dance - over coming not just average challenges, but overwhelming obstacles such as a disability. {see video below ].
There performance is amazing, their courage inspiring, their determination breath taking. Yet it bothers me that when I look at most young people today - all they care about is not looking foolish is something doesn't come easy to them. I feel guilty myself, thinking back on all the things I avoided or never finished because hey it was to hard... Ofcourse I could see, hear, walk, and use my arms and have full mental capability. It's so sad we find it so easy to give up........

Disabled troupe breaks barriers through expressive art

The deaf China Special Art Troupe hopes to perform at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympics later this year. The troupe has become well known in China and has travelled extensively abroad, showcasin its expressive form of dance.

Kitty Bu reports

1 comment:

Kenorv said...

Wow. That is so cool. I hope they get to compete in the Beijing paralympics.

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