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Transsexual & Gay toilets for Thai school

Ok, who doesn't think this is over the top.
This could explain why so many cartoon [anime] male characters look like girls - or maybe the cartoons is what's confusing the boys in this country.

To the point, I am not a homo hater, gay basher, or homo-phobic. I just don't agree.

I think it is also a stupid idea to continually cow down to making gays more comfortable. Let me see - the boys were being picked on because they were gay or transvestites... so they went to the girls bathroom. The principal felt bad that some girls felt uncomfortable with the "confused" gender boys so he gave them a private gay bathroom...???? And how is that supposes to stop them from being picked on?

let me see, if the other boys think it's wrong and make fun of them, wouldn't a gay bathroom provide more fuel for ridicule? But hey, maybe by the time were done with gay marriages and gay bathrooms and even here in America we had a school that allowed a boy to dress as a girl - who knows, we wont have to worry about high gas prices because the population will dwindle due to gays and there will be less people so less of a demand on supplies..... What do you think?

Jun 23 - A Thai school has created toilets for its transgender students with a sign that's half male, half female.

The Kamphaeng School in Si Sa Ket, in northeastern Thailand opened separate toilet facilities to accommodate hundreds of transgender students who have always longed for their own restroom.

Helen Long reports.

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