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Iniana Jones and the temple of Quietness

Indiana Jones and the temple of Quietness

I said it before I’ll say it again - I love video games. Especially if they give a bit of “Peace and Quiet” in the home. Oh, there is nothing more exciting than watching my kids play - that is, play quietly.

Ofcourse since I’m a big fan of games myself - I play a little myself. And I have to say, if you want a nice clean game that will help your kids use those brain cells and enjoy themselves [ plus keep them quiet ] I suggest you get Lego Indiana Jones tribute game. This game is cool, especially if you’re a movie buff and an Indiana Jones fan.

It pretty much takes you thru all three Indiana Jones movies - [ not last 4th installment ]. It’s great, you get the whip, you fight, jump, solve puzzles and ofcourse it has movie clips in Lego format. So cute.

The only bad thing is, if you’re an avid player - or a junkie like me - you could easily go thru the entire game in about three days [ give or take a day - depends how good you are and how long you like to play] in my daughters case - five days and she finished the entire game. The one plus to the game is that they also have a “Free play feature”. That means you can play the movie and when your done you can go back to different levels and find surprise bonus’ [ stuff that have nothing to do with original movies ].

I guess it depends on the person - most people don’t play five to six hours straight - but this is a child with long summer days and no school. . . .

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