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Parenting: children want to grow up too fast

Don’t try to grow up so Fast!

I tell my daughter all the time - "don’t worry about growing up, that will happen. Enjoy being a child now, because when you do get old [ grow up ] you’ll wish you were a kid again".

This leads me to a conversation I walked in on with my daughter and wife. I walk into the kitchen and bang the conversation stops [ clear sign I should get involved ]. So after poking my nose in - I find out that my eleven year old girl wants to "shave her legs" - so first I get defensive and ask why and throw in childrena "your too young".
Then I get logical - I break it down for her with a series of questions:
How old are you?
Who are you trying to impress?
Are you a model?
Are you going somewhere other than school?
What hair on your legs?
[ still has thin small almost invisible baby hair. ]

I told her look, I can’t see any hair to shave and if you start shaving now, the norm is that your baby hair will grow in thicker and then you will need to shave. So what’s your rush?

Her response - a friend from school who shaves her legs told her she had hairy legs....

So I put on my glasses [ just in case ] and still couldn’t see enough hair to justify shaving her legs.

My daughter conceded and said ok, no shaving, but my wife - well, she committed the cardinal sin of Parenting - she caved in. She gave one of those - I’m too tired to argue, so "if you want to do it, go ahead" - what??? I waited to see what my daughters reaction would be. Luckily [ for me ] she said no it’s alright, no need to shave.... [ of course it all could be a ploy to do it behind my back ].

Ofcourse I told my wife about her cave in and how after all the discussion - why did she just give in? I don’t blame her - after all my daughter shaving her legs is not a mortal sin and one day she will get around to it [ she is a girl ]. But like I always tell her:
"Don’t be in a rush to grow up, enjoy your youth and childhood. Because one day you’ll be old like me wanting to be eleven again...."

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1 comment:

Sue said...

Tell her not to shave nothin until absolutely necessary! LOL! I'm so glad I have all boys. I feel for ya Bill!

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