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Seniors - Too Old to Drive ?

Your too OLD to drive ...

ageDon’t take this as an offence or a sign of cruelty - but “when are you too Old to drive ?”
I have friends who always bad mouth Senior [ old ] drivers. They make fun of them - they point out the fact that their unable to drive because of their age. ofcourse I always come to their defense. Not because I don’t think they are great drivers - but because it’s a right - a privilege to drive and I count that as one of our American freedoms. No one should be told they can’t do what they want - when it is within the law, their rights and sanctioned by government. So if they have a car, a drivers license, who am I to tell them no. I certainly wouldn’t want someone to decide for me when I couldn’t do something.

My problems is - they make themselves easy targets. - Senior [old] drivers that is. Take for example:

Here I am at the turning lane - it’s only one way and no room for anyone to pass me on the side and here comes this car. Forget that my truck is 300 times bigger than this car, that there are signs posted saying not an exit, do not enter, - but this car just keeps coming straight at me. At first in my disbelief I just kept staring at the grill of this car - when was it going to stop?

When the car got so close to my car that I thought it would hit me - I look at the driver ready to give this guy a - “hey stupid “ what your doing look - and to my surprised I see this little old [senior] lady looking shocked that my car was in her way. It took her a full 2 minutes to realize she was going the wrong way and that she wasn’t going to get around my big truck. Then she hurriedly back-up the car onto on coming traffic and went on her little way like nothing happen.

Come on, how can I defend your right to drive when you give us plenty of reason to keep you off the public roads…..


Nubia said...

yes, everyone has the right to drive until they prove they are unfit to drive--such as Drunk Drivers! Seniors at one point definitely need to stay off the road, for their safety and others!

yuthink dad said...

Well, Nubia - I agree with you that they should be proven to be uncapable of driving. But this is America. And we all know that when you make a rule that takes away one persons freedom - it opens the door to do it to everyone....Here they - who decides to be judge and who should be considered unfit??? too old, too short, to fat, drunk, cell phone talks - hey - too yougn [ i like that one ] .... Raise the driving age to 18 we could save on gas, congestion, polution and so much stress... lol

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