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Indonesian children make perilous journey to school over collapsed bridge

Indonesian children make perilous journey to school over collapsed bridge

Ok, I only have two things to say about this terrible situation:

children make perilous journey to school over collapsed bridge1. Why does this writter [ see copy of small article below ] act so cavalier about this story and the terrible situation these kids have to endure. I look at the pictures and I am shocked and surprised that no one has done anything. That there isn't a public outcry about fixing this old bridge and securing the safty of these children.

2. I feel for these kids, I do. But I cannot help wonder about my children and the generation that is growing up today in America. I know for sure that if that bridge was out in my town - every boy and girl in my town would be sitting at home watching TV or playing video games becuase they can't cross that bridge [ easy ready made excuse to cut ] . In fact I am pretty sure the teachers of my town would call out anyway becuase hey - I'm not crossing that dangerouse bridge. Yes, I know - you're thinking: Are you saying you would....... Probably not. But that is my whole point. We are soft, we give up easy.

Here are children in a poor country who are faced with a ligitamate dangerouse obsticale, what do they do- they face it head on. Imagine that, my child, your child, America's children saying and doing anything possible, anything necesary to achieve thier goal, thier dream. sacrificing, putting everything at risk to do more, do better. What kind of a nation would we see if our children were more like that? Instead we have a nation of children, starting with mine, that don't want to go to school taday becuase of a little rain.....

Read the article below and you tell me.
What do you think about this?

Indonesian children make perilous journey to school over collapsed bridge

By David R Arnott,
For Sofiah and her classmates, the journey to school just got a whole lot harder.
The Indonesian schoolgirl lives on one side of the Ciberang River but her school in the village of Sanghiang Tanjung is on the other - and the river has been flooding.

On Monday, the rising waters broke a pillar supporting a suspension bridge that crosses it, the head of the village told Reuters.

Faced with an extra 30 minutes' walk to cross via an alternate bridge, Sofiah and her friends have chosen to undertake the precarious crossing of the collapsed bridge instead.

As word has spread, the media gathered to film a feat worthy of Indiana Jones. But the children don't appear to be perturbed, safely making it across and continuing to school.

At least they have something to say when their parents ask, "What happened at school today?"

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Arlee Bird said...

That is indeed a rather odd story. It's probably not too likely that we'd see something like this in the U.S. and if it were so, I think the situation would be quickly remedied.

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