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Best Burger in Village Inn – hungry for meat!

Best Burger in Village Inn – hungry for meat!

best burgerI don’t know if it was the “Best Burger” I ever had because it was, or because I was hankering for a slab of juicy all beef meat. At any rate it was the best burger I’ve had at village Inn in a while. Then again, it’s been a long time, since I enjoyed a real large all you can eat forget the calories, cholesterol and fat burger in a while. All I know is – I started my 5 week vacation, yes I said 5 weeks and I was going to celebrate.

best burger village inn The funny thing about enjoying the “best Burger” ever as you can see – I took lovely pictures – I even made my wife take pictures of me enjoying my delicious burger. But like I said – it was funny because while we’re taking pictures of this massive burger – the manager seems to run on over and tells us not to forget “#villageInn” – what? My daughter had to explain to her usually tech savvy dad that this was a way of “tagging” pictures on facebook. Oh, I thought he was referring to twitter – no she said “you do it on facebook”. Whatever you say kid – but I have seen it on twitter, since I tweet more than I FB.

So it was a bit odd having the rest of the restaurant patrons watching me and my wife taking pictures of my massive burger [ with our cell phones of course ], but when the manager came to point out the need to remind us [ not ask ]to hash tag the pic – now we were the center of attention.

best burger village in The other strange thing that happened – I guess since we were now famous, or infamous, was an older lady came up to me while I was eating and gave me a village inn coupon, she just walked up and said “here, you guys can use this” and then walked away. She didn’t even wait for a thank you or even to be acknowledged. I didn’t even get a chance to look her in the face [ had my face in my burger ].

All in all – it was the best burger I’ve had in some time. Just by looking at it I thought I was not going to be able to finish this massive size burger in one sitting. After all, trying to eat healthy and all, reducing my meal portions – could I really eat and enjoy this entire burger....? Hell yes I did!

Now the hard work begins: how to enjoy my five weeks of free time…. Oh yeah.

best burger village inn

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