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7 habits to motivate children to Learn

7 habits to motivate children to Learn

This year I have worked hard in using the “7 habits” to motivate children to learn and become better children and potentially successful adults in life.

The “7 habits” I am referring to are the seven habits found in “the leader in me” book written by well-known author Stephen Covey. The book is good, but I will be honest with you – it’s a bit difficult to read (don’t expect it to be something entertaining - it is not a Harry Potter style book). With that said: I am enjoying the process my Elementary school “Fred Wild Elementary” has undertaken and the direction we are heading.
motivate children to learn
I am going to be honest and transparent as I can without trying to diminish the book. The teaching of (an Mr. Covey alludes to this in several videos he has made) that the 7 habits are not new – it’s not a new thing never before seen. Yes, he presents it in a clear way with some twists and colorful antics – but character, honesty, good work ethics, and ethics in general are not new things to learn.

What I do know is this: we are taking the time in our school, in our classrooms, as a whole: the administration, teachers, staff and hopefully the students as well, to put in practice, practical and sound teachings (ethics, attitudes and work habits).

Now sometimes it sounds a bit like we are trying to brain wash the children but it is not – we are simply trying to find an interesting and new way of teaching children important skill sets they need in order to be successful in life.

Personally, I have been creating interesting images to put on our school Facebook page “the Fred Wild” and on our school wide broadcast. I have placed some of the images here on my blog to give you a quick glance at what we are doing as a whole.
leader in me synergize
I admit at first I was not 'all for' this idea: the leader in me. But I do admit that I can see some of the benefits of trying to teach this generation of children that life is more than just looking out for you. In one of the seven habits children are taught something very important that I myself had written about in my book: For Children How to be Successful Rich & do well in school.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Wow, if children could understand this one habit, put it in practice: their lives would be so much better. They would understand to put schooling and education first before games. They would desire to do choirs first before watching TV – can you imagine that! More children would seek to strive to excel early in life and benefit from this by possibility retiring at an early age. Just think of the possibilities this one habit can do for them and their future?

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