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Funny: Children in school can drive a teacher Bonkers

Funny and maybe Not so Funny school wide email  - SEE BELOW

I love children, they are all unique in their own special way.
But I am a realist and I know for a fact that the right child can drive any adult to the brink of insanity.
I have seen a lot of things working in the school system and dealing with all sorts of children - but this, the email I received from a friend, this takes the cake.

Before I let you read the email, I want you to consider this: children are children.
You "DON'T" send children to school to learn manners, respect or any social skill that should be taught at home. With that said I am sure that if it was you that had to deal with these out of control children - you would not be so ready to judge.

You tell me: what would you do if a child crapped his pants in the middle of your class and doesn't want to change his clothing?

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