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Broken no other choice - chapter one (part one)

Broken – no other choice


Happiness, everyone wants it but so few seem to truly find it. The definition of happiness is what exactly? Is happiness when you have everything you want? Is happiness when you feel good about something, someone or about yourself? If happiness is a feeling then isn't it just fleeting, like the wisp of the wind it is here now and gone before you even know it? Is happiness something you decide on, like my mother who likes to say "you choose to be happy and you choose to be sad". What does that even mean? Do I really have a choice in the matter, because if I do, who do I talk to? Where can I write and mail a letter to? But most of all, to whom do I address my grievances?

Happiness, now that may well be an utter and complete foreign concept to me. I wouldn't know what happiness looked like even if it came up hit me in the face and said "hello, here I am you loser".

After all I live in a world made not of my own choosing, I did not ask to be born into this life, much less into the one I am currently living now today. I look out my seventh floor window and all I see around me is, well let’s just say it's not happy. What would you call a row of old decrepit buildings, all of which were eight stories high and next to them were more and more of the same? Block after block each looking just as bad as the one before and if that wasn't gloomy enough for you, all you had to do was to look into one of these windows, any window, just take your pick. It doesn't matter which window you choose to look into, not the slightest bit, because they are all the same.

What I am sure you will find, without a doubt, are simple people whom have not yet realized that they have no hope.

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Author Comments
It was extremely difficult for me to write this book. Looking back on my past brought a lot of memories to the surface and much pain with it as well.
You may ask why would I do it? Why would I share deep intimate and personal tragedies with you or have it readily available for my children to read? I have spent much of my life teaching my children that choices are important, that the decisions we make have consequences – for bad and good. I want my children (and you the reader) to know that yes, life is not a bed of roses, and that life is not fair. But with all the possible excuses we can come up with to surrender, to give up on life – the right choice is to fight, to hope and to believe in yourself.

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