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The Future is here???? YUK!

Well, I guess all those years of Science Fiction Futuristic TV was not as bad for me as dear old mom said it would be. Think of it - cloning bodies, Frankenstein, Body snatchers, creating life in a lab, factory. Yes while the life that was created always turned out to be monstrous and destructive - it prepared open minded children to believe in the possibilities of science.

Imagine, in today’s science were walking towards a future were you can grow transplant organs in a lab outside a body. The fear ofcourse is, that the same TV that spurred the minds of children to reach these lofty goals - are the same TV shows that showed us the moral and unpredictable problems of this science.

One day it will be clone your pet, then separate organs, then an entire clone body. How do you deal with that? A separate human, clone, is it you, does it have life????
Does it have rights???? It has made for many a good movies - but what about real life?????

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Nubia said...

interesting post! I just added you to my blog roll.

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