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School: learning how to open doors????

The end of the first week of school and his 1st report.

kids pictureIf my son is enjoying school, he sure isn’t letting on. I ask him everyday the same question after I pick him up from school.

How was school?
What did you learn?
What is your teachers name?
Have you made any friends?

What is his response - nothing!
The most I get out of the boy is that he eats "coconut cookies" for snack time - whoopee...
Ofcourse he has found time to tell his mom that he has made 2 friends at school and has been playing games at school.
I finally received his "end of week" school report. I am glad to see that he has a good report on behavior and work habits. I was afraid he was going to run the teacher ragged since he can’t stay still at home. But I am a bit confused with why they have “ability to open and close door” as one of his study units???? I get the games that use grouping and identifying items. I understand using games and play to teach kids their numbers and alphabets… but "ability to open and close doors" - he does that at home all the time...

In either case I’m just glad he likes school and that he is getting along well. I just wish he would tell me more than he tells his Mom… I’m getting second hand information on my own son...

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Migdalia said...

He still loves his daddy. Glad he is enjoying school.
Our kids had a slow start to home schooling. Hopefully we will have a better week next week. They did their stuff but with appts some times it throws us all
Migdalia (DEE) We live with Jesus in our heart and lives!!!!!!!

mariah said...

my son isn't much of a talker either. and has a tendancy to answer "nothing" to most questions about school. i often end up asking him if everyone sits around all day and just look at each other. that is how he makes it seem. but after that he will give me a little info. but i want a full report and he's just glad the day/week is over!

junemc33872 said...

Trevor does the same thing. All we do is color. But when I finally get his papers from school I realize, yes he is coloring but he is coloring pictures that have the short "a" sound.
Just coloring is not just coloring.... and boys just don't talk. Nothing is something to me and nothing is nothing to him.

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