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Life is So unfair at the beach ???

Life is So unfair at the beach ???
Oh how unfair life can be.
As promised I wanted to share my trip with you. I had to go to Venice Florida for some training and my Boss was gracious enough to put me up in a beautiful condo right on the beach. He even suggested that I bring the family along so we could have a nice time of it.

At first I was leery of one - taking him up on his offer - second, taking my family along for the ride. But the more I thought about being away for two days the more it sounded - ok. Ofcourse my wife loved the idea. The minute she heard that the condo was right on the beach and that the back door opens up right on to the beach - it didn’t take her long to start packing.

So what’s so unfair about life and this situation: well, where do I start.

children activitiesLet me begin with how first it wasn’t a trip for me - I had to work, and while I woke up early and went to bed early because I had to be at work - my kids and my sweet wife enjoyed the beach [ see the pictures below and their nice tans ]. The most I got out of the beach was a minimum of fifteen minutes I spent one night - in the dark before we went to bed. The rest of the time I was getting ready for work, taking the family out to eat or getting ready for bed...??? That’s not fair.

I am glad they could come, I’m glad they had a good time, I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for a hotel room - and the condo was great. But it just doesn’t feel right that I had to work.

The most exciting part of my trip was the Taco bell - yep, I mean it was the most elegant looking Taco bell I’ve ever seen and eaten in. Other than that the trip was great for the kids and my wife. My duaghter - she collected a large amount of sea shells. My son - he enjoyed the waves and some treasure hunting he did. My wife - other than the jelly fish sting - was had a blast. She more than the kids wants to know when will we be going back. Not if I have to work again.....

family at beach condo
family at beach


Veronica said...

Stop complaining about work. It's how God intended it. Your wife deserves a little vacation, she works really hard. Oh, and at least you were able to work in a beautiful setting so you are luckier than most.

P.S Glad to see the kids having fun
P.S.S Glad to see you have a job

Sue said...

Bill it isn't about you! You found that out as soon as you had kids didn't you? LOL!!

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