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Obama, Stimulus and Stupid???

Obama, Stimulus and Stupid ?

I was watching the news today and heard the most stupidest idea ever to come from Washington. A plan lead by Obama and supported by most of congress to Bring back the welfare system. Well ok, they don’t call it welfare - but what else is it. A monthly check to the poor is simply just that - a welfare system. A program that is made to actually keep most people in poverty - that’s right you heard me - in poverty.

barack obama economyMaybe this is a way to pay back all his voters who wanted change - but apparently just want the same old sh*t we had before that did not work. How do I know - I was a child in the welfare system and I remember very well the nonsense and the mentality that this system created.

Welfare never gave you enough money to barely survive on and for any little thing you were penalized. Take for instance the time my mother tried saving $1,000 dollars in the bank. The welfare program cut her off because she actually saved money - told her she had to spend that money or she will no longer receive assistance - and they did. They cut off a mother of seven children who did not speak English well and had a disabled child. Could you imagine that. They were there to help - you just had to be dependent on them.

I lived thru the humiliation of having people treat me as less because I was a welfare child. I lived thru the insult of having no water, electricity and threatened to be kicked out of a welfare rent control project apt because welfare cut my mom off because of some stupid glitch in the system that took two months to fix. Yet, Obama wants to start giving checks out to people. Why, because their poor and are entitled to it? Maybe he just wants to make people indentured servants again [ isn’t that what you call it when an entire class of people is so dependent on another class that they do what ever that class says to receive the bare minimum to survive? ].

Say what you want to say - it’s change. But it sounds like the change is meant to make us go backwards. All those families that were sent to work to earn a paycheck so they wouldn’t be a drain on our economy. So they could be productive in society and not be lazy welfare bums - mothers who left their kids alone at night so they could learn a trade - all for nothing because now, their grandchildren can be just like they were - needy people standing in line waiting for a small barely livable check from the government. Oh, hope it doesn’t come late because then they wont be able to play the lotto and dream of escaping poverty.

Think about this - I saw a wheelchaired individual working in of all places - universal studios. Imagine that - a cripple in a chair - working. but it's ok - soon she could just go collect a chack from Obama, from social security and lets give her medicaid as well. You times that by millions and well have the economy working fine again.


Madeline said...

I feel the same way Brother. I do understand and I have a feeling its only going to get worst.

ClevelandMom said...

Huh. Well, I voted for Obama, but I also don't know that I believe sending a $250 or $500 check to low income people is the best solution, for the exact reasons you state. My mother lives off of her social security check and is fortunate to live in an apartment that is safe and nice but the rent is adjusted based on her income. Most unfrotunately, thanks to the "rules" she cannot save any significant amount of money without having an increase in her rent. Which means, when valid expenses like getting her dentures fixed come up, she has no money to cover these expenses and is forced to look to us for assistance. If she receives a check for $250 or even $500, she'll likely spend it on junk, for fear of having it sit in her checking account and having her rent go up. The only solution we've found is to have her "pay us back" for her additional expenses, thus holding onto the money for her when she really needs it, and providing her a sense of responsibility. So, I guess for the purpose of economic stimulus, it makes sense, because most people will go out and just spend this money rather than putting it into savings. As a better method of stimulating the economy, wouldn't it be nice to somehow increase the wage for those who are working, who will then spend money and possibly create more jobs for those with low-incomes.

In Barack Obama's "Audacity of Hope" he even points out that productivity and revenues in corporations have gone up while wages have remained stagnant. I don't know how this all gets fixed, but I agree with you that something needs to change about the welfare system that encourages at least a minimal amount of savings and personal responsibility. Maybe allowing low-income folks to save up money in an HSA or college savings or retirement account, which I suppose again, does not stimulate the economy immediately. Then again, don't the CEO's have enough money to stimulate the economy themselves, without relying on the poor to buy their products?

Thanks for getting me going on this. ;)

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