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Saving Money at Walt Disney world guide - helpful or Rip off ????

How do you Save money while at Walt Disney World magic Kingdom?

Dad needs to save money and yet have a nice Family Disney Vacation - I know you might think it's just me being cheap, or that the economy is so bad that every penny counts [ you are right! ]...
Mickey Mouse walt disney
In away I just want to give my family an experience they'll remember and that won't put us in the poor house. Yes I'm still planning on taking the family to walt Disney World - visit the "House of Mouse" Mickey Mouse that is. I just don't want Walt Disney to break my house - you know marriages break up over finances - children need food, Right Walt, Disney is fun but if it destroys a family - what good is it.

Ofcourse in my search for saving money I ran across an interesting web site - It offers you a guide on how to save money on your dream vacation to Walt Disney world. And while the Magic is about the Magic Kingdom - the cost of $19.99 for this "Save money at Walt Disney World guide" is not so magical. Again, not that I'm cheap - I just wish the website gave you a bit more freebies is all. They talk a good game an all - but they don't give you any up front free advice. Atleast not any tips I already didn't know about.

Below is an excerp of what the site offers and a link - but if you have any real good money saving tips for Walt Disney world - please, Please share them with me and the readers of this Blog. Thank you.

Update 01-03-2012
Apparently things only get more expensive with time. This money saving guide now will cost you only - wait for it - only $29.99. Wow, went from saving me money at the magic kingdom to gouging me before I even get there????

walt Disney
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walt disney magic kingdom


Nubia said...

doesn't Disney World have a recession deal going on? If not, they should--dreams don't come for free!
I gave you an award, please go on my site to pick it up! =)

The Thrifty One said...

This is how I have been saving so that I can go back to Disney:

can't wait to get back and every little penny does help!

Sue said...


I'm a new blogger with an Orlando vacation package site. It looks like your site is related to mine and I think it would be beneficial to do a blogroll exchange - please let me know if you're interested so we can agree the anchor text.

Thanks and I'm at


Deb Williams said...

I noticed the same site. Does anyone know if this is just a scam to get you're money OR does this writer really claim to be able to save significantly at Disney World. Need anyone out there to advise?

Disney Area Vacation Homes said...

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