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Broken no other choice - introduction pt 2 free ebook chapter

Broken – no other choice

I’ve never been to the movies, I wasn’t sure how to respond but if this was an added bonus to getting out of school early – I am all in.

As the men in the front seat quietly talked to each other I spent my time looking out the window. I was thinking about how great this would be for me, tomorrow I would be back in school telling all the kids how I spent the day at the movies. I would finally have something that would make me special, make me important and something that will make them all very jealous of me.

They parked the car and quickly walked me into the theater, they didn’t even pay for a ticket, they just flashed their badges and continued to walk me right in. The room was dark, they directed me to a seat three rows up from the front and smack dab in the middle of this humongous brightly lit screen that showed dancing cartoon popcorn and candy characters. This was the best day of my life.

The movie started and the title popped onto the screen – Airplane the movie. It was a really funny movie, I spent a lot of time laughing out loud to myself, but sadly it was a short lived experience. Before the movie ended the tall slim man leaned over and told me we had to leave, he wasn’t asking, he was ordering me to get up and to follow him.

The car dropped us off at my house and my mom was inside hastily packing our things up into large black garbage bags. My older sister was sitting at the kitchen table while eating some Kentucky fried chicken. This was another one of those first time things, I was starting to wonder when was it going to happen – this is not my life, when is the other shoe going to drop.

I was seated at the table by my sister and a young black woman nicely dressed in a dark brown suit walks into the kitchen and pulls one of the men over to the side. I’m not sure what she told him but he wasn’t happy about it.

“Ok people we have to get moving now,” He sternly said.

The woman walked off to one of the back rooms calling my mother’s name.

“We really have to get going, there’s no time.”

“What do we do with the chicken and the rest of the food?” The other man asked.

The man who seemed to be in charge looked around the room, he hastily grabbed one of the black garbage bags on the counter and passed it to the other man.

“Throw all the chicken in the bag and leave the rest – we have to go.” He pointed to me and my sister as he walked out of the kitchen saying “I’ll get the car ready.”

In the car I learned that we were leaving, they were moving us once again. We were going to be living in a new place, a new home. I wasn’t sure of what was happening or why we had to move but it wasn’t fair. As much as I hated my school, I hated being the new kid at school even more.

“Where are we going?” My sister asked with an angry tone in her voice and an even angrier look on her face.

The man who was in charge; who had been giving all the orders turned back to look at her from the front seat.

“We are taking you some place safe.” I could tell he was trying to give her his best reassuring smile. “It’s going to be better – it will be a much nicer place for you.”

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