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I don't need directions said the lost husband..

Ever get lost. Too embarrassed to ask for directions?
Are you the type that wont take directions? Well I have a funny story for you.

When I first married and moved to Florida - before the kids and all that. My wife wanted to take a trip to miami - you know, look at the beach. Now I didn’t want to go and I let it be known, but I went, I even did the driving. We drove over 600 miles that day why. Because when I finally got to the beach in miami, I was still unhappy and again let it be known - so we argued for 5 minutes, looked at the beach for 2 minutes and then got back in the car to drive back home.

of course the traffic was bad and I got lost. It took the insisting nagging push of my wife to get me to ask a police officer [ sheriff here in Florida ] for help with directions. Once on the road it was late and my wife doze off. of course again I got [ let say ] confused and took the Florida turnpike [ wrong, really wrong ] I had no idea where I was, how to get off and I was not going to wake her up. Well, I ended up going all the way to Orlando [ the only familiar place I knew at the time ] and finally figured out how to get back home. After more than seven hours and more than 600 miles driven to see the beach for 2 minutes - I hope I learned my lesson... Nope...

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1 comment:

Nubia said...

OMG! You men are all the same. Now I'm all for getting lost and randomly finding some amazing sight etc. that you wouldn't have found otherwise; sometimes getting lost is fun (i;ve been list in many cities in US and abroad before)--but when you are on a time limit ask for directions! =)

you'll save precious gas too!

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