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My child and the meaning of friendship ?

Teaching my child the meaning of true friendship?

Ok, so my little girl is not so little, after all she’s eleven years old. According to her she’s a pre-teen [ whoopee doodad ]. The problem is that she is to nice for her own good. I don’t think she’s naive or gullible - just innocent.

kids pictureShe has this one friend who only seems to want her around when she has no one else- you know the type. The so called friend who doesn’t know you exist until she has no one else to call. It’s bad enough that when she is interested in communicating with my daughter - she calls three or four times a day. They cackle on the phone for ever - But when she has a new “new best friend” - poof, you don’t hear a peep from this girl. It’s the kind of person I call friend but really consider them an acquaintance.

Maybe I’m being over protective, or maybe I want my little girl not to be so blind. I guess it’s one of those things kids have to learn on their own - child, pre-teen or teenager and in some cases - adults. We have to learn what a true friend is and it starts by first being a true friend. I do like the fact the she is innocent - no evil bone in her body [ unlike dear old dad - must have gotten it from mom - doubt it….]

Well, atleast she doesn’t have only one friend - who knew a recluse anti-social individual as myself [ according to my wife ] would be so concerned about my daughters social activities.


mariah said...

she will learn & eventually get tired of it. but it's nice to see that she's still open to this "friend" when she does come around. look at it this way, it's the friend that has the problem not your daughter! :-)

junemc33872 said...

Well William, Kiki is a very smart young lady and I know that I do not have to tell you. But, you are right, even as adults, we need to be a true friend in order to expect true friends for ourselves.

All I can keep saying to you and Magda is thank you.... no Hummer or Jag, but thank you.

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