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Parents tell the truth about your child

School, strange request?
Here is a funny thought: My daughter comes home from school and after spending time arguing with her brother and driving me a bit batty - she tells me the teacher gave me homework. What? She said that I had to do it and that it was due tomorrow. Well, first I was not in a good mood and second I don't have to do anything... [ got that out of my system ]

childMy so called school homework was to describe my child to the teacher in a million words or less - funny, a million words or less. Right now I can use one - bother or pest or well you know...

Ofcourse my first reaction was - you have to be kidding right. After all - isn't the teachers job to assess my child? Besides what parent wouldn't lie thru their teeth about their child on a thing like this. It's like filling out a resume - you put all the good things and leave out all the bad. It's what I do.

Then my wife came in, took over and wrote this glowing inspiring report about my daughter - as her dad, I agree with everything my wife wrote. But i couldn't help but wondered - what if? What if you caught me on a bad day. A day the kids were driving me up the wall and i decided to let loose with my pen and write all the real things my child. Imaging that - what would the teacher say or think if she received report as honest as that.

What would the teacher think if she received something like:

In a Million words or less i would describe my child as, pesky, at times annoying. Rude at best and does not know when to stay still. She is good when she’s a hundred miles away - that’s why i send her to school, so I can have some peace and quite. tell me, does she bother you as much as she bothers us. is she always fighting and asking question. does she give you attitude - must be tuff since you can't spank her....

Wait - it's just a joke, but i just wonder. Maybe if i send one just like that - I wont receive any more silly homework from the teacher...


Bonniehs4life said...

You may receive spelling homework if you send "peace and quite". Honesty is always the best policy and tact is a requirement.

tessa said...

What if you had fewer moments of frustration as being a dad and really bad days came as often as Christmas and President's day? Even on a bad day your description could involve all the great qualities of your girl and how you love spending time with her because she's happy, listens, is respectful and quiet when asked.
Is it possible??
check out: and let me know what you think!

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