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I Hate Special days

Enjoy today, remember it - don’t take it for granted

A while back I wrote a post on how " I hate the Hypocrisy of fathers day " - because of all the hypocrisy there is involved in these special days. So I thought I would expand on that thought today. You know, sometime we go thru a lot to make someone happy, feel special or just make their day comfortable. But what often happens is expectations are too high and most people either ignore, overlook or simply take for granted what they have and are given.

Take for instance yesterday. I’m no big cook, but I decided I was going to make the best dinner I could [ ofcourse I was making ribs my favorite so I wanted the best... mmmmm ]. I went all out - I cooked, I cleaned, I did laundry... why laundry? I did everything I could to make sure my babe came home and had nothing to worry about [ no complaints ] ..... The kids bathed, the cloth washed, the beds made, the food ready and dishes cleaned.

So what happened....
time clock
food, dinner

Well, first she came home extremely late.
Then we ate .. It was nice, enjoyable, delicious if I don’t say so myself.
And I kept her from doing dishes, I cleaned up the table, put everything away and there was nothing for her to do but eat her desert and relax. But no, no, no.

She couldn’t just enjoy the moment and relax... like some crazy child bent on competing and not allowing others to out do her - she starts looking for stuff to clean, do and work.....

My point: Enjoy the day. Treasure the moments you are given - love your loved one and let them be precious to you. And for all those special days... mothers day, fathers day, Valentine’s day, ground hog day - whatever day. Take‘em for what they are - another day to enjoy the one’s you love. Don’t worry if he/she forgot a gift or a box of chocolates, be happy for what they do, do... get it, do everyday.

But for you women.... I guess Anniversaries are obligatory dates with a need to do something special.

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