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Parenting Advice: REACH FOR YOUR GUNS !!!!

Parenting Advice: REACH FOR YOUR GUNS !!!!

Before you think my “Parenting Advice” is abusive or comes from the NRA [ national riffle association ] handbook let me just say - it’s a figure of speech.

My parenting advice is meant to [ Mom or dad - best both ] have a plan of action.

Let me tell you a little story - here I am walking thru the grocery store and I notice a Mom with a small child [ looks to be 4 yrs old ] and she seems to be loosing it. Her kid is not listening to her, he is embarrassing her and she seems to be frozen - unsure what to do. Me, I would have smacked him up side the head [ figure of speech people ] and put and end to it. But many people think different.

I had people say they don’t hit their child in public because they don’t want people talking [ clarification - nosy people calling child services ]. Some have told me that they just talk to their children they don’t hit them... Others - they just freak - their so embarrassed that their kid is acting up in public they don’t know what to do.

Me, I have one rule I tell my kids - you embarrass me - I will embarrass you. As far as child services - hey I will say the same thing my grandmother use to say “let me raise my kid - I feed him not you!”

My point being is, despite what ever method of training you use on your child - be ready, be prepared, hey start at home. Some parents ignore their kids at home and then expect them to be obedient in public. What ever method you use to control your kid - use it at home and don’t be afraid to us it in public. I’ve dragged my son to the supermarket bathroom many of times. How is he suppose to learn discipline, correction, proper behavior. Understand that there are consequences to his actions of rebellion.

Again my Parenting advice - don’t stand there - act. Don’t allow a 4 yr old - your 4 yr old to dictate to you how you will act in public. I felt so bad for that Mom - and in the words of a correction officer I know in New York - “before I have a police officer show up at my house saying my son was killed because he was breaking the law - I’m going to break my foot up his AS* to teach him right from wrong...” [ a bit harsh but you get his point ...]
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