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Unbelievable stories - But all TRUE!!!

Here are some stories I've been saving for when my kids grow up - actual events - funny....

It is very important to always know what to do in case of an emergency. It can save lives to be prepared. While walking down the street one day, my wife mistook the sound of a car back firing for the sound of a gun shot. She immediately went into action. She grabbed my arm and screamed “ everyone, STOP, DROP and Roll !”

As a father, I try to teach my children the best way I know how. When my son turned two (2), he and my daughter found it an enjoyable exercise to run wildly around the house.
Since my son does everything his sister does, I explained to my little girl that I wanted her to walk, not run in the house. It was a dangerous and unsafe thing to do, that is how people get hurt. If your running you can easily run into something and seriously get hurt.
Feeling sure she understood what I was telling her, I turned around and walked straight into the closed glass porch door....

We decided to play this new game my mother-in-law bought. You had to give clues to a specific thing, name, or place with out using descriptions shown on the clue card. It was going well - Until my wife became flustered and resistant. She was too embarrassed, because her father was present. I convinced her to show me the card. It read “Horny Animals”. I asked her “what’s wrong with this?” - “ I am not going to talk to my father about “HORNY” animals! “ she said. And I told her “horny animals” as in animals with “Horns”.

We have two children and my daughter has always been very smart. So when my son was born my wife was very concerned. Our son was already two years old and wasn’t even doing half the things my daughter did at his age. One day my wife was watching me teach my son his alphabet’s and she looked at me and said “ this may sound bad but I hope my son is smart?” and my son got up and said ”me too”.

Technology and the internet is simply taking over every aspect of life. I tried to apply for a job and found that many companies have moved the application process online. I spent about 40 minutes filling out an online application and a survey - in order to apply for a job. I was excited that in an instant I was given a location, a time and date for an interview. I thought this was great! I thought it was easy, this is wonderful! The day of the interview came, I arrive at the location on time, knocked on the human resource door and a few minutes latter, found that the human resource guy was not in today. So much for technology making my life easy?


Anonymous said...

wow...this was so dumb. go to hell.

dontletthembringyoudown said...

i like this short stories

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